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Accused of Drug Trafficking or Possession?

Let Our Minneapolis and St. Paul Criminal Lawyer Help

Criminal drug activity not only covers street drugs but also covers medical professionals accused of writing and filling false prescriptions and stealing prescriptions. Street drug activity includes but is not limited to: grow operations, meth labs, drug sales and possession and trafficking. If an individual has been accused of any drug crime, the St. Paul and Minneapolis criminal lawyers at Steven H. Snyder & Associates can completely research his or her case and prepare an aggressive defense against wrongful accusations.

If accused of drug trafficking, an individual could face severe penalties. There are several factors that could affect a federal drug trafficking case. The amount and severity of the penalty depends upon:

  • Type of drugs
  • Amount of drugs
  • Whether evidence of drug trafficking is available (i.e. possession of large amounts of cash, several cell phones or pagers, weapons or scales and other measuring devices)
  • Whether this is a first offense or if it is a repeat offense
  • Whether there was any injury involved
  • Whether a minor (under 18 years of age) was involved
  • Whether you are an adult or a minor
  • Prior criminal record
  • Borders (state and/or international) crossed
  • Proximity to school or other place minors may congregate

Federal sentencing guidelines, which our St. Paul and Minneapolis criminal attorneys can explain, set out the possible sentences. These sentences are based many factors. But there are two primary factors that federal judges use:

  • The level of the offense (there are over 40 levels of offense for drug charges)
  • The defendant’s criminal history

Penalties may include prison time, the forfeiture of personal and real property, fines and, if the defendant is not a U.S. citizen, deportation. If the defendant is a first-time offender, punishment may be more lenient.

In many criminal cases, the prosecutor may offer a plea bargain. This usually consists of a lesser charge than what would be given a defendant who pleads guilty. The criminal lawyers at Steven H. Snyder & Associates can advise a defendant whether he or she should accept a plea bargain or continue fighting the charges. We will make sure to protect your rights throughout the entire criminal process.

If arrested for drug charges, do not speak to any law enforcement officers (federal or otherwise) without having a criminal attorney present. Anything you say to any law enforcement officer may be used against you in court. You are entitled to an attorney, to remain silent and to a fair and speedy trial.  Once you are charged, make sure to contact a Twin Cities criminal lawyer at our office immediately.