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Child Support Battle or Deadbeat Parent?

Our Minneapolis and St. Paul Family Lawyer Get What Your Child Needs

As of January 1, 2007, Minnesota child support is determined based on both parents’ gross monthly incomes instead of just the obligor’s net income. Minnesota uses child support guidelines to determine child support. The courts cannot simply pull a number out of the air for a child support award. Furthermore, each parent’s gross income is decreased by the amount of child or spousal support ordered in other cases. A qualified St. Paul and Minneapolis family attorney can advise you of your rights regarding child support issues and Minnesota’s child support guidelines.

Child Support Guidelines

  • Deductions for Parenting Time. The parent paying child support could receive a deduction from the basic support, if the amount of court-ordered parenting time is 10 percent or more. The deduction is based on the percentage of parenting time the parent with secondary custody is awarded.
  • Health Care Coverage. One or both parents provide health care coverage. The Court prorates the cost between the parents and is based on the percentage of the parents’ combined incomes. If the parent with primary custody owes medical support, that amount offsets the secondary parent’s obligation.
  • The cost of childcare is also prorated based on each parent’s percentage of the total child support obligation. A qualified St. Paul divorce lawyer can explain how to incorporate childcare costs into the child support guidelines.
  • The number of minor children there are in the marriage also determines the child support obligation.

A qualified St. Paul and Minneapolis divorce lawyer can explain the individual items required to complete the child support guidelines:

  • The monthly gross income of both parties
  • The potential income of both parties
  • Any amounts the children receive from Social Security or the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Whether or not one parent receives benefits due to the other parent’s eligibility as the representative payee
  • The monthly amount each parent is ordered to pay for spousal maintenance
  • The total amount each parent is ordered to pay for monthly child support for non-joint children
  • The number of non-joint children living in the home
  • The monthly cost of health care for the joint children
  • The monthly cost of dental coverage for the joint children (if it is separate from the health care coverage)
  • The percentage of parenting time awarded to the secondary custodial parent
  • The number of joint children receiving child care
  • The total amount of the child care costs
  • Which parent pays the child care costs
  • Child care assistant for the joint children
  • Medicare assistance or MinnesotaCare for the joint children

A qualified St. Paul and Minneapolis family attorney at Steven H. Snyder & Associates can complete and file child support guidelines, ensuring that the children are able to live in the standard of living they are accustomed to, with the help of both parents. If you have a deadbeat parent or if you are involved in a child support dispute, contact our Twin Cities family law firm now to set up a consultation.