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Charged With a Crime?

Our Aggressive St. Paul and Minneapolis Criminal Attorneys Can Help

After an arrest for a crime, a defendant must face the challenges of the legal system where there may be uncertainty about his future and the criminal law process. The Minneapolis and St. Paul criminal attorneys at Steven H. Snyder & Associates can explain the process to you and advise you of your rights.

Options and Rights

The Minneapolis criminal lawyers at Steven H. Snyder & Associates will:

  • Explain the options available to a defendant
  • Give the defendant realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the matter
  • Protect the defendant’s constitutional rights
  • Develop creative defenses for the defendant


Steven H. Snyder & Associates can represent you in the capacity of a defendant or a plaintiff. We handle federal and state drug charges, sex crime accusations, domestic abuse, fraud crimes, white collar crime charges, driving while intoxicated (DWI) crimes and most other criminal charges.

Mr. Wermerskirchen and Mr. Snyder bring more than 30 years of combined legal experience to helping you resolve your concerns. As skilled criminal defense lawyers, Mr. Wermerskirchen and Mr. Snyder are able to provide dedicated advocacy for clients facing felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor charges.

Domestic Violence

If a defendant has been charged with domestic violence, he or she should contact Steven H. Snyder & Associates, as our attorneys are experienced in both criminal and family law. Our criminal and family lawyers will work together to create the best defense for a domestic violence charge.

Often, a domestic violence charge is unwarranted. Divorce is a highly-emotional part of life for a couple to go through, and one spouse may file false domestic violence charges on the other spouse. These cases become two separate cases within the court system. In certain instances, we may be able to combine the cases and work out a solution for the domestic violence case.

Criminal Sentencing

Our St. Paul and Minneapolis criminal lawyers can prepare a defense for the defendant. And, if the defendant is still found guilty of a crime and sentencing is imminent, Steven H. Snyder & Associates will try to work a plea bargain with the State Attorney’s office to reduce the recommended sentence.  If you have been arrested, please contact our Twin Cities criminal law firm now.