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Considering Adopting a Child?

Let Our Minneapolis and St. Paul Family Attorney Help You

A qualified St. Paul and Minneapolis family lawyer can protect the interests of those who would like to adopt a minor child. There are several situations in which a person may wish to adopt a minor child:

  • An individual who would like to adopt the minor child of a spouse
  • An individual who would like to adopt the minor child of a domestic partner
  • Step-parent and second parent adoptions
  • Open and closed adoptions between non-family members

What is the Purpose of Adoption?

There are different situations in which a minor child may be adopted, and Steven H. Snyder & Associates can help make the adoption process go as smoothly as possible, easing the transition for both the adoptive parents and the minor children. Adopting a minor child creates a legal parent/child relationship between a person and a minor child for:

  • Children whose birth parents have adoptive plans
  • Children adopted by step parents
  • Children under the guardianship of the state
  • Children adopted outside the United States

The most common adoption is the adoption of a child under state guardianship. The Court will terminate the parental rights of the birth parents then place the child under state guardianship. A county agency selects a family that can meet the child’s needs. Adoption agencies, whether county or private, support the creation of the new family, and the Court finalizes the adoption.

Open and Closed Adoptions

A Minneapolis and St. Paul family attorney can help determine which process is in the adoptive parent’s best interest. There are two processes—open and closed adoption.

  • Open Adoption — In an open adoption, both the birth parents and the adoptive parents know the other’s identities. Most often, there is direct contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. There may even be contact after the child is adopted. Because the birth parents give up any and all parental rights to the child once the adoption papers are signed, the adoptive family can terminate any visitation and contact with the birth parents at any time. If both sets of parents choose an open adoption, it is best to retain a family law attorney to advise them of their rights.
  • Closed Adoption — If the birth parents and the adoptive parents choose a closed adoption, neither set of parents knows who the other is, and both sets of parents work through an adoption agency. There is no contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Once the Court finalizes the adoption, chances are, the birth parents will never see the child again. Some states allow children over the age of 18 years to have adoption records released without court orders. Always have an experienced family law attorney explain your rights regarding this procedure.

If you are considering adoption or if the adoption process is overwhelming you, contact our St. Paul & Minneapolis family lawyers now to set up a consultation.